Whatever your problem I’m sure I can help.

Since my “awakening” 14 years ago I have helped hundreds of people to achieve greater clarity in their lives and their businesses, dramatically improved their mental and physical health as well as allowing them to lead happier and more fulfilled lives by optimising the energies in their homes.

What people are saying

"You have really given me clarity and direction as to where I need to concentrate my time and resources moving forwards, for my company. I am already reaping the benefits of your advice for my bottom line."
Ivan A.
"I felt so much better after your Reiki treatments with feelings of being lighter and more balanced with in. Your very intuitive approach to my energy system problems was most intriguing and very accurate. The subsequent essence that you gave me has really helped sort out my system blockages like nothing else!"
"Your spatial awareness and energetic intuition have been instrumental in changing our lives. The house now feels like a welcome retreat from the bustle of life – a true refuge!"
Charlotte C.
South Kensington

Case Histories

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