I Help Identify The Best Career For You, To Give You The Greatest Chance Of Success And Satisfaction.

I work very differently to traditional career counsellors. Instead of using psychometric tests and computer algorithms, I’m much more interested in your innate talents and passions. To unearth these I will access and understand your soul plan, which is the unique blue print of the course your life is meant to follow.

My visionary technique will identify your key issues and point you in the right direction to maximise your success and life satisfaction.

Career Advice: How It Works

Before we start I’ll need:

  • Your name

  • Date of birth

  • What you need help with

Armed with these I’ll tune into your soul plan remotely before scheduling our first phone session.

Sacred geometric symbol

Session 1

I’ll explain exactly how the process will work and address any concerns you may have. I will get to know and understand you:

  • Your current situation

  • What you want

  • Your history

  • Your qualifications

I’ll explain your soul plan and anything which may be holding you back and we’ll agree the way forward.

Session 2

Following our first conversation I will have:

  • Performed geomancy on your house and cleared any negative blocks which may be holding you back.

  • Aligned your soul to your consciousness .

We’ll discuss your progress and identify any negative issues which need to be addressed.

Sacred geometric symbol
Sacred geometric symbol

Session 3

To ensure your future career provides the fulfilment and satisfaction you crave, we’ll have a detailed discussion to ensure that the direction you’re heading is in line with and congruent with your soul plan.

Session 4

We’ll review your progress, create a plan of action for the next period of time and provide further support and advice to assist you in your job hunting.
My services don’t end there. I will be available to support you further via email for the next 2 months to ensure that your career goes in the direction that will provide you with the greatest fulfilment.

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"I approached Iain for career advice and the possible alternatives available to me, being in the head-hunting environment. I had had enough after 20 plus years and wanted to change direction. He was instrumental in providing the push I needed to do so and I am so glad I got in touch."
Richard W.
"I contacted Iain after much deliberation. I had already seen various career professionals but to little avail. They all lacked the inspiration I was looking for. He quickly pinpointed what I needed to do and provided invaluable support along the way. I found his process very empowering and haven’t looked back since."
Michael D.
Angel, London

Case Histories

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