John had been feeling lost and in a state of despair for some time. His marriage was on the rocks and his career as a mechanic was going nowhere. Not knowing what to do or where to turn he decided to try a more unconventional approach.

Having looked into his soul plan it became obvious that his conscious awareness had separated almost completely from his higher self. At soul level he had lots of agreements in place that were not being honoured and never could be in his current role.

Being a mechanic was the wrong career for him. He needed to find a role which involved helping people – such as a counsellor. It was also clear that his current relationship was over and that he needed to move on and have a fresh start.

He decided to leave the family home, return to London and start studying to be a counsellor. I gave him a few exercises to realign his conscious spheres of influence which helped him to feel a lot better and calmer.

Once he started working as a counsellor, helping people through their troubles gave him a deep sense of fulfilment and inner peace that he had never experienced before.

Man sitting on ottoman with laptop reaching for coffee
"The Investment guidance you gave me was spot on. I would never have considered doing as you suggested, so glad I did!"
John SP.