David had been running a successful metalwork fabrication company for 15 years. He employed 20 people and the business was going well. However the stress was making him ill and things were getting worse. He’d been hospitalised twice with suspected heart trouble.

Having understood the business and his symptoms it became apparent that his soul was frustrated and was applying pressure on him to make changes. I identified that he needed to concentrate on bigger contracts and on work that would be more fulfilling for both himself and his staff. I advised him to look for high end contracts with appropriate architects and specialist boat manufacturers in order to provide high end interior fabrications. This resonated with him and I further advised that he should get a specialist to rebrand and update the business image. He subsequently hired a consultant to approach appropriate ship builders, which worked very well. He also got himself registered with 3 high end architects which generated large amounts of work.

After 4 months his health had started to improve. His heart was fine and he was sleeping well at night again. There was the added benefit that by concentrating on a few specialist clients he was able to earn more money for less work.

Professional man standing at desk with laptop and clock with dog
"Thank you so much for ‘tuning up’ my house – having suffered various illnesses and insomnia since moving here, I am pleased to report that I am now sleeping better than ever!"
David R-W.
The Cotswolds