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Barbara was worried about her career and was also concerned that her husband was unhappy. Both issues were putting pressure on their marriage. They lived in an Elizabethan house, which had a long history of occupiers moving in and out.

Once I started investigating, it became apparent that there were energetic issues in the house that were holding her back and frustrating her husband. Given the age of the house and its history, the best course of action was to perform a very deep level of clearance. It transpired that there was some very dark energy in the house and various vorticities that were connected to an extra-terrestrial source causing massive disturbance for all the family.

After the clearance the transformation was also most instant with the house suddenly feeling much lighter and happier – in a way that it never had previously. It was as if a cloud had been lifted from Barbara and her husband which enabled them to get their marriage back on track.

Having looked at Barbara’s soul plan I advised her to become a therapist. She set about qualifying for this and set up her own practice and hasn’t looked back since.