Ivan approached me at a turning point in his life.

He was feeling lost and directionless and was looking for guidance on his career and his personal relationship.

I investigated and found that due to being starved of divine energy, his conscious-self had separated from his soul-self causing his consciousness to become darker. A reconnection was carried out which enabled the conscious self to repair and dissolve the inner darkness.

This led Ivan to feel considerably better and to connect with his feelings at a deeper level. He now had a greater understanding of his partner’s needs, which automatically improved his relationship wellbeing.

I also checked that his career and relationship were in harmony with his soul plan which, having cleared and reconnected to his consciousness, was now more accessible to him.

Man sitting on chair with laptop and cat
"You have really given me clarity and direction as to where I need to concentrate my time and resources moving forwards, for my company. I am already reaping the benefits of your advice for my bottom line."
Ivan A.