Jean Paul had recently moved in with his girlfriend and her children into her house in Paris.

After a few months, his relationship with both his girlfriend and the children was suffering with regular arguments and high levels of stress. The odd thing was that they split their time between Paris and a second home. Whenever they left their principle house their relationship improved significantly with a sense of harmony that was absent in Paris. It occurred to Jean Paul that there could be something wrong with the energy in their home, especially as this pattern had repeated itself several times before for the girlfriend in her previous relationships.

I was asked to see if there was actually anything causing the problems. It turned out that there was a great deal of unrest with very dark energies present, along with very negative feelings that had been directed at a previous occupier but which were still active some 80 years later. It was clear that a full-blown clearance and tune up was needed.

I spoke to Jean Paul three days after the clearance and he was delighted to report that all the disturbances and bad feeling had disappeared. He also reported that the lighting in the property appeared to be much brighter and that the house now felt much more unified spatially with the rooms flowing into each other in a way they hadn’t before.

His relationship with his girlfriend and her children improved markedly and there was a new feeling of harmony throughout the property.

An additional unexpected benefit was that he’d started getting more interest in his business from clients he hadn’t spoken to for years suddenly getting in touch wanting to commission work.

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