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Denise was a self-employed artist dedicated to her creative talents. However, she was struggling to market her work to potential customers. She approached me to look deeper into the issue and for some advice on how best to proceed.

I discovered that Denise had various blockages in her creative channels that were preventing her from producing art which was in tune with her divine purpose. This was causing a misalignment with her soul energies and therefore not attracting the opportunities to create or sell to the right audience.
She also needed to change the emphasis of her marketing – as the two were very closely linked and were unhelpful influences.

I set about clearing her root and sacral chakras.  It took around a week to completely clear.

She reported feeling far more in the flow creatively which helped her work substantially, as well as providing new ideas and concepts.
She also started marketing her work via a specialist who had previously turned her down.
It was a significant turning point for her and she hasn’t looked back since.