There are a number of terms which are frequently used in the psychic arena which clients often ask me to explain.

The following should help you understand some of the most commonly used terms.

1. The Soul Plan

The soul constitutes the very essence of life and our agreement for what was intended for us to experience.

People often experience problems when they depart from their soul plan, either physically, psychologically or experientially – such as career or relationship difficulties.

Sacred geometric symbol
Sacred geometric symbol

2. The Chakras

The Chakras are energy centres that originate at the back of the spine and have their output on the front of the body, connecting into the aura.

The chakras connect to the soul pathways and feed the body to sustain physical and energetic existence.

When the chakras become unbalanced, a part of us is either blocked or not working due to damage.

This will affect personal performance and emotional experiences.

Repair of the chakras will help address these issues.

3. The Aura

Your aura is an energetic bubble that exists around your body.

There are multiple layers that interface with the chakras.

The Aura is where we feel everything and is our interface with the world.

Essentially, the aura has two main aspects to it, the inner layer and outer layer. These layers house guardians and guides that will direct us, consciously and sub-consciously.

Sacred geometric symbol
Sacred geometric symbol

4. Energy grounding

This is a process that may be required when someone has experienced extreme circumstances and trauma.

It’s essentially a process of reconnection and repair to the links that enter the body from the earth.

5. Energetic pathways of the body

These are the various intricate pathways that interface between the physical body and the mind. When they become blocked or damaged, the area of the body where this has occurred is starved of energy.

Sacred geometric symbol
Sacred geometric symbol

6. Physical interface of the body

These are the various systems of the body that transform the spiritual energy available to the physical body, through special energetic centres.

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