Does Something About Your House Not Feel Quite Right?

Sometimes, especially if you’ve recently moved, the “vibe” in your house may not feel quite right. It may be very difficult to describe exactly what’s wrong, but you know that there’s a problem.

Sacred geometric symbol

This discordance may manifest itself in a number of negative ways:

  • You may not be sleeping well.

  • There may be problems with your relationships.

  • You may be having financial difficulties.

  • There may be issues with your health.

  • Your career may be going off track.

All of these are symptoms of negative energy within your property, which in turn can have an adverse effect on your and your family’s lives.

If this is the case, my geomancy service or as it’s more commonly known in this country, Feng Shui service, will rebalance the energy in your property to bring it back into harmony and so remove the negativity affecting you.

House floorplan

How it works

All I need from you is your address and a floor plan of your property.

Once I have these I’ll contact the earth mother consciousness and proceed to clear the negative energies from the property and re-programme the land that your home or business is situated on

Optimising the energies in this way will have a positive impact on your physical and mental health, your prosperity and your general well-being.

"Having had unusual disturbances in my house for some time now, I am glad to report that the house feels like a sanctuary – I no longer feel ill at ease when using the spare room. My grandchildren now sleep very well here!"
James D.
"Iain, thank you so much for working your magic last week. I am pleased to say that the house and all of us feel fantastic – no more arguments and strife – especially amongst the kids. I am also pleased to say that business has picked up significantly, since you cleared and attuned everything! Your insight was shockingly accurate too."
Diana and Richard W.
West Sussex

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If the energy and “the vibe” in your property don’t feel right, get in touch with me and start the process of returning your house and your life to a state of equilibrium.