Whatever your problem I’m sure I can help.

Since my “awakening” 14 years ago I have helped hundreds of people to achieve greater clarity in their lives and their businesses, dramatically improved their mental and physical health as well as allowing them to lead happier and more fulfilled lives by optimising the energies in their homes.

The Process – How It Works

I do the vast majority of my work remotely over the phone, although in special circumstances I can do face to face consultations.

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So the way it works is as follows:

  • You make the initial contact with me either via email or the contact form on the contact page. When you explain the issue you want help with, please be as specific as possible so that I fully understand your situation and can provide the correct help and support.
  • We will arrange a mutually convenient time to consult. Please be flexible and give me several times when you’ll be available.
  • Once I’ve understood what you need, I will ask you for payment in advance.
  • I’ll now give you a dedicated phone number to call at the agreed time.
  • Following our consultation I will take all the appropriate actions necessary to resolve your issues.
  • Following this any further follow up and support will be on an “as needs” basis, depending on the situation and your requirements.

"Your insight into my family was so accurate, it startled me – and your advice was most valuable in dealing with my parents."
Kathryn J-T.
"I approached Iain with the idea of setting up a new company centring around helping and empowering people move through difficult times, such as bereavement and divorce etc. His insight was very helpful and instructive, highlighting what areas needed to be explored and data research – all of which was very helpful."
Janet A.
The Cotswolds

Case Histories

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