The true test of a practitioner isn’t what we might say about ourselves, but what our clients say.

I’m enclosing the feedback from a few of my clients.


"I was so glad that before making a major life decision, I got in touch with you, Iain. It turned out that you gave me spot on advice!"
Tania L.
"I was in such distress after my split up – and so glad that I contacted you. Thank-you for the healing and guidance that you gave me."
Stephanie K.
"Your insight into my family was so accurate, it startled me – and your advice was most valuable in dealing with my parents."
Kathryn J-T.


"I came to Iain because I was suffering from an ebb in my creativity. He was extremely efficient in his diagnosis of the blockage, and proactive in recommending a remedy. What's more, I saw real results after a short time. Highly recommended!"
"After an initial friendly chat, Iain managed to attune to my energies, correctly identify the blockages, interpret the possible causes and, finally suggest a treatment. His interpretation was insightful, deep and revealing. He initially gave me a Reiki treatment followed by an essence. I felt so much better afterward and for this reason I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him."
Dr. Joe
"I was most impressed by your ability to tune into me as a person and to create a space in which I felt relaxed but energised. I also found your channelling of the Reiki energy to be strong, yet powerful and re-assuring. You intuitively knew where the problem spots were and acted accordingly. I felt so much better for some considerable time afterward. I can’t thank-you enough!"
"I felt so much better after your Reiki treatments with feelings of being lighter and more balanced with in. Your very intuitive approach to my energy system problems was most intriguing and very accurate. The subsequent essence that you gave me has really helped sort out my system blockages like nothing else!"
"Iain, I felt I must just contact you to thank you for the treatments and the prescribed essences you gave me, your perceptive diagnosis and thoughtful remedies have helped me far more than I thought anything could. Thank you again for caring so much."
"Whilst starting out not knowing what to expect, I would like to thank you for the help you gave me in resolving my problems. I was very impressed with the detailed attention you gave me whist still keeping it all very easy to understand."

Geomancy / Feng Shui

"Having had unusual disturbances in my house for some time now, I am glad to report that the house feels like a sanctuary – I no longer feel ill at ease when using the spare room. My grandchildren now sleep very well here!"
James D.
"Thank you so much for ‘tuning up’ my house – having suffered various illnesses and insomnia since moving here, I am pleased to report that I am now sleeping better than ever!"
David R-W.
The Cotswolds
"Iain – I am so pleased to report that I am now under offer. In the time scale that you initially outlined, amazing! After 9 months of waiting around, I can’t tell you how relieved I am that my forward purchase has been saved."
Alex and Harriet
"Iain, thank you so much for working your magic last week. I am pleased to say that the house and all of us feel fantastic – no more arguments and strife – especially amongst the kids. I am also pleased to say that business has picked up significantly, since you cleared and attuned everything! Your insight was shockingly accurate too."
Diana and Richard W.
West Sussex
"Your spatial awareness and energetic intuition have been instrumental in changing our lives. The house now feels like a welcome retreat from the bustle of life – a true refuge!"
Charlotte C.
South Kensington

Business Advice / Advisor

"You have really given me clarity and direction as to where I need to concentrate my time and resources moving forwards, for my company. I am already reaping the benefits of your advice for my bottom line."
Ivan A.
"Having had a new idea to market my business – I was so glad that I contacted you, as it became clear with your insight that I would have been making a serious mistake!"
Diana S.
"Thank you for giving me the marketing advice and insight you did about my target audience for my art. I’ve already noticed a considerable increase in interest now I have changed emphasis."
Jane T.
"The Investment guidance you gave me was spot on. I would never have considered doing as you suggested, so glad I did!"
John SP.

Career Advice

"I approached Iain for career advice and the possible alternatives available to me, being in the head-hunting environment. I had had enough after 20 plus years and wanted to change direction. He was instrumental in providing the push I needed to do so and I am so glad I got in touch."
Richard W.
"I contacted Iain after much deliberation. I had already seen various career professionals but to little avail. They all lacked the inspiration I was looking for. He quickly pinpointed what I needed to do and provided invaluable support along the way. I found his process very empowering and haven’t looked back since."
Michael D.
Angel, London
"Having recently graduated from University, I was in two minds whether to pursue my degree subject or to go in a different direction all together. I contacted Iain and was surprised to find that the best alignment for me was in a different area but using skills that I had gaining during my studies. I was very relieved and have found the employed fulfilment I thought I never would."
Edward B.
"I approached Iain with the idea of setting up a new company centring around helping and empowering people move through difficult times, such as bereavement and divorce etc. His insight was very helpful and instructive, highlighting what areas needed to be explored and data research – all of which was very helpful."
Janet A.
The Cotswolds
"I would never have thought of pursuing the career direction you have advised me to go down. Life has taken on a completely different meaning for me."
Sam B.
Tunbridge Wells

Case Histories

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